Tuesday, 11 April 2017

From Fear to Freedom

Good morning my loves,

What a fab few weeks it has been. Last week I went to Dublin for a friend's birthday and anyone that knows me, knows that for the past fifeteen years I have been scared of flying. I had lfown many times, but the more I flew the worse I felt. So tenyears ago I decided not to fly anymore. This fear then grew way out of proportion. Every time I thought of flying I went into a panic. But I love my friend and I decided that now was the time to get over this once and for all.
So.... I looked at all of the ways that could help me. The first thing I tried was Soul Retrieval. This is where you retrieve fragments of your soul that you may have lost through traumatic events. This was a really enlightening and enjoyable experience.

I also tried EFT, which is where you tap on the meridian points around your face and hands to retrain the mind using positive statements and eliminate your fear.
I even had an array of crystals in my pocket.

The morning of the flight I was up at three am and I sat with my hand on my heart and breathed into my heart space. I asked God (insert your own word here...Divine Spirit, Universe etc.) to be with me and help me through the process. I asked that all fear be eliminated from my life, as this was holding me back.

Then the most amazing thing happened. During the fight I was sat next to someone who talked me through the noises, the bumps, etc and peace started to wash over me. For the first time since my very first fight, I enjoyed the experience. I moved past the fear that was holding me back so that I could move forward in my life. 

Fear is an illusion that keeps you stuck and separate from who you are truly are and what you are here to do. You are a light worker, someone who is here to shine your light and love on the world and when you are fearful of something, that is blocking the world from see the light within you.
I was afraid of flying and some might say I was afraid of flying in life, afraid of success and from moving forward.

You can learn a lot from your fear.

Take a moment now to think about what you may be scared of. Feel the emotions that go with it and then ask yourself how you can move past it. What can you do to eliminate this fear from your life? Journal your answers and see what guidance you are given.

I hope that this serves you well. 
I love you,

Friday, 24 March 2017

What to do when everything is going crazy around you.

Hi my loves,

It has been a while since I posted a blog and I hope that you are well. Wow! What a time it has been I have seen a lot of personal transformation in that time and I want to share with you something that I have learned in the process.

As some of you know I am a student of A Course in Miracles, which is a Metaphysical text that allows us to remember who we truly are.

Lesson number 61 from the workbook is 'I am the light of the world.' In the video below I will explain how this can help you with everything that is going on around you.

I hope that this serves you well.

I welcome you to leave your comments below

I love you,


Sunday, 20 November 2016

What to expect from a House Energy Cleanse

To me energy cleansing is just as important as cleaning your home. Where cleaning eradicates the physical clutter and dirt. Energy cleansing removes the energetic debris.

It is perfectly normal to have negative energy within your home. We pick it up from being ill, arguments, negative people visiting or even from our own emotional state. This then forms little blockages within the free flowing energy that we have in our homes.

There are many ways to remove this.  You can burn sage, use crystals, visualise light cleansing away the blockages.

I have been cleansing properties for people distantly and in person for the past five years and this is the process I use:

  1. I make a plan of each room
  2. I put a little bowl of salt in each room to absorb some of the negative energy
  3. I use a crystal cage and move from room to room 
  4. I then use sage or incense to clear the corners
  5. I then use sound to eliminate any remnants.
  6. I then add candles and crystals to bring in whatever energies you would like to bring in. For example, more love in the bedroom, a calm living room, inspiration in the office
This process works exactly the same distantly =, except it is done from a plan.

The energy then takes a little while to rebalance. Either three days, three weeks or three months, but you should feel improvements straight away.

I recommend cleansing at least once every three months, as negative energy can build up over time.

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Thursday, 10 November 2016

What to expect from a Crystal Treatment

Hi lovelies,

Today is number 2 in my series of posts about what to expect from services that I offer. One thing that I want to mention is that you should always go with your intuition. If you are guided to a particular Teacher, Reader or Therapist, then please go with that person. That is where you will get the best connection.

A Crystal Treatment is a holistic therapy that uses the energy of crystals to help your body heal and remove any blockages in your body's energy system.

The process of a Crystal Treatment is as follows:

  • you fill in any paperwork (if this is your first treatment)
  • you lie on the therapy bed and get comfortable. You are there for approximately an hour, so this is very important :)
  • I dowse to make sure that it is okay to do the treatment.
  • I then dowse again to see what methods I should use.
  • i lay crystals on/around you in various layouts to help bring your body back into balance.
When I am working I work with the seven chakras, your auric field and also your meridians. 

The seven chakras are the main energy centres in the body. These are the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and base. when one or more of these are out of balance it can affect you on an emotional, physical and spiritual level, but through a crystal treatment it is easy to realign them.

With your aura I work with the first four layers. Your physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies. By using crystals in your aura you can remove any imbalances before they become prominent in your physical body.

Your meridians are like little chakras that are in several lines throughout your body. these take a little bit longer to clear as you start at one end of the line and in the coming days/weeks each meridian point will clear one by one. The crystals are used at both ends of the line to activate the energy.

At the end of the treatment you are given a full report of what has been found and how the treatment has helped you.

A crystal Treatment can be done in person or distantly. For distance treatments you can carry on with your day whilst the treatment is taking place, as it works through your system a little bit slower than in person.

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*By law I have to state that a crystal treatment does not take the place of any medical or professional advice 

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

What to expect from a Reading

Hi Lovelies,

In the next few posts I am going to explain a little bit about the different aspects of the works I do, just so that you can get a better idea of what to expect when you have an appointment with me.

Today we are going to start with a reading.

As I tell everyone when they book I am a Medium, so my main job is passing on messages from spirit. There are may different types of reading from Psychic, to Tarot, Mediumship, Soul Readings, etc etc.

My connection with you starts from the moment that you book. I always tell people that they should go with the Medium/Reader that they are drawn to. This will ensure that you get the best possible reading.

Readings can be done by email, face to face, at events, through a demonstration, Skype or telephone. The way that I connect for each of these is slightly different but each works just as well. I always start by giving people a little introduction, this can help to calm your nerves (if you have any) and it also helps spirit to know that I am ready to work and that I am ready to channel messages.

One thing that I always make clear during the introduction is that it may not always be the people that you think will come through that do. It could be that your old next door neighbour comes through or a cousin of a friend who passed suddenly. What matters is that these people are able to pass their messages on. 

When someone does connect with me they will give me specific things about themselves. If they have connected with me before I tend to get less evidence because they know I will recognise their energy. Then they will give me whatever messages they have for you.

During every reading I also use Angel/Fairy Tarot Cards. The reason that I use these is because they are a nice in between, They have the preciseness of Tarot but the positive energy of Angel Cards. With the cards I am able to give snippets of the past, present, future. However, because I use the cards purely as a tool for connection, be aware that spirit will only tell you as much as they feel you should know. They may not tell you when you are going to move house, because they feel you have to make some choices before you are given the next step.

After every reading, I ask if you have any questions and if I can answer them I will. I am always incredibly honest with you, so if I don't have the answer I will say. I hope that everyone that has a reading with me leaves with the knowledge that their loved ones are okay and watching over them and also that they are at peace.

Love always


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Monday, 7 November 2016

Making it all better

Hi Lovelies,

One of the biggest things that I have found that returns me to being happy quickly is Forgiveness. Now I know when I say that word some of you will be thinking things like 'but I can't forgive........because of this.'

But let me ask you this. How does this make you feel? When you think of this person what comes to mind?

Forgiveness is something that I work with daily. I forgive myself, I forgive the person who cut me up the car, I forgive the person who raped me at 15. I forgive everything. Not for them; But for me, because I cannot live with the feelings of hatred and anger that were coursing through my body.

A Course in Miracles says 'Love holds no grievances.' This states that through loving yourself you are unwilling to live with the negative emotions that you are carrying around.

I know that this is a hard process and it took me many years to forgive the person who raped me. But what mattered was my willingness to forgive. When we are willing we send the Universe this little light that says right now may not be the time but soon you will be able to.

I remember the moment that I truly forgave the person that did that horrible thing to me. I was sitting in meditation and I saw him standing in front of me. He no longer looked menacing but pathetic, sad and sombre. In that moment I saw a stream of light come down around us both and I saw all of those bonds being taken away. I said the words 'I forgive you,' and in that moment I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.

When you are ready you will be able to do this too. Just lean on the love within you.

Love always,

Friday, 4 November 2016

The Masterplan

I hope you are having a beautiful day. I've set my intentions today for it to be a happy one. I find that setting intentions really works for me to stay focused. So I was dancing around my living room this morning (as I do) when the Masterplan by Oasis came on Spotify. 

I resonate with this song so much and it has really helped me when my faith has wavered. Here are some of my favourite lyrics:

...'I'm not saying right is wrong
It's up to us to make
The best of all the things 
That come our way...'

...'All we know is that we don't 
Know how it's gonna be 
Please brother let it be
Life on the other hand
Won't make you understand
It's all part of the masterplan.'...

...'There's four and twenty Million doors
On Life's endless corridor.'

The first time I heard them it was like I has been hit on the head by something. I had a realisation that that's what everything that we experience is. We have general plans for our lives and we have to take action, but the overall plan is decided by God/The Universe. T

The plan that God has is often greater than the plans that we have for ourselves, so when things don't seem to be going right, keep the faith! Know that everything is working exactly as it is meant to. You will learn so much from your life choices and also the opportunities that the Universe puts in your way.

This is one of the things that I talk about in my Empower Yourself, Empower Your Life workshop, which is available in Livestream and in person (Stourbridge, West Midlands). Details can be found here

Just Trust, believe and know that you've got this!

Love always


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